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Riverton:  03 234 8290

Southland Girls' High School:  03 211 6030

Update 29.3.2020

With the recent Covid-19 alert being raised to level 4 and effective from midnight 25.3.2020, we have ceased all face to face consultations at Windsor Physio.

For our existing patients who are receiving our services under ACC, Insurer, Vocational or private contracts, we have Telehealth services available. This format of consultation will be used to continue with your recovery/ongoing rehabilitation during the length of the lockdown period.

It is vital to your recovery that you engage this service to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals.

For those new to Windsor Physio, please contact us via the website, email our head office-Windsor St here, or contact us via direct messaging on Facebook here, or phone:

Neil Familton 0272445508

Ian Carrick 0274908226

Craig McColl 021475008

We will triage your care to one of our therapists, who will be in touch with you at your earliest convenience.

Telehealth at Windsor Physio

We use the Zoom® meetings format, however other forms of communication are accepted.If you are unable to use Zoom® please discuss this with your therapist.

Zoom Meetings with Windsor Physio

Prior to Start:

Install the latest Zoom computer or mobile app

Prior to your appointment, use the below instructions to download Zoom on your device. Zoom is available on all computers, as well as Android and Apple devices.

Download Zoom for Meetings here if you are using a computer.

You can also use your mobile device to start and join meetings. Bear in mind that this may not be the most practical approach as you will need to hold your device in your hand, however if it is your only option, perhaps find something to prop your device up on so that you can operate hands-free.

Apps for iOs (Apple) and Android (Samsung etc.) can be found here:



When it’s time for your appointment:

Ensure that you have the following:

  • An internet connection
  • Webcam – built in or USB
  • Audio turned on so that you can hear your physio

This icon on your task bar indicates how loud your volume is. If it is displaying as the image on the left, your audio should be coming through your speakers/headphones. If it displays as the icon on the right, you will not be able to hear anything. To turn your audio on, click on the icon and adjust the volume.

Enter the Zoom Meeting:

Your physiotherapist will provide the URL (link) to the Zoom room, this will most likely be in your emails. Simply click the URL or paste into your browser of choice to open the meeting.

After launching the Zoom meeting from the meeting URL, you will be prompted to join the room’s audio. Click “join audio by computer.” Zoom allows audio participation through your computer’s internal speakers, a headset, or a phone line.

Should you experience problems connecting your audio, click the arrow next to the microphone icon in the bottom-left hand corner, choose “Audio Options”, then “Test Computer Audio”. Built-in and peripheral webcams will turn on automatically when the meeting launches.

If you need to change your audio/video input device, click the arrow next to the microphone/camera icon and select the appropriate device.

When you join a Zoom meeting, the above notification will appear. Click on ‘Join Audio by Computer’ for Zoom to use your built-in microphone and speakers on your device.