Windsor Street:  03 217 4983

South City:  03 218 1195

Riverton:  03 234 8290

Southland Girls' High School:  03 211 6030

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Windsor St Physiotherapy - Recent Survey

When we put the following question to our patients in a recent anonymous survey - here were some of their responses:

"Can you offer any suggestions for the practice team about the service provided?"

“No, I just find it a real pleasure to visit. The receptionist – amazingly warm and inviting. Josh open, considerate, knowledgeable and respectful. An awesome experience A+++++.” (40 year old female)

“No they are all doing a great job.” (18 year old male)

“None required really, why improve on great.” (59 year old female)

“I find the service I get here to be excellent that’s why I come back.” (39 year old female)

“Very satisfied!” (39 year old male)

“Nothing. Reception area always nice – everyone looks like they are a great team. Great work by all.” (51 year old female)

“Craig is the man – Pirate Old Boys 4 life.” (32 year old male)

“Margie went the extra mile to get me into physio on the day I phoned. Thanks so much.” (48 year old female)

“Great overall experience, very helpful.” (37 year old female)

“All expectations are met so no suggestions.” (49 year old female)

“None as it was excellent.” (42 year old male)

“I don’t think you could do better than you already are.” (61 year old male)

“You are doing a wonderful service for myself personally.” (73 year old female)

“So happy about everything. Ian has been amazing!” (33 year old female)

“Always the best so no comment.” (32 year old male)

“No it’s great service.” (30 year old male)