Bike Fit

Bike Fit

Our specialist Physio Bikefit service aims to get you riding better and in more comfort. Unique to a Physio Bikefit is the depth of cycling and sport-based physiotherapy science we incorporate into your assessment.

Our Bike Fit service is carried out by senior physiotherapist Rachel Duncan. Rachel is a passionate mountain biker with 25 years of working as a physiotherapist in private practice. She is certified in Level 1 and 2 Physio Bikefit and eager to share her knowledge.

During your Bike Fit, Rachel will discuss your biking and injury history, any issues you might be experiencing when riding and your cycling goals. She will then assess and measure you, your bike and then video capture you riding on a bike fit trainer. From this data, she can establish where adjustments can be made to assist comfort and performance. These adjustments may also include technique modification, a strengthening & conditioning program or equipment you may need for your bike.

Our bike fitting service is of particular benefit to cyclists who are experiencing pain or discomfort when riding, however, a fit is advised for anyone who has just purchased a new bike in order to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

So whether you are a weekend warrior, a seasoned competitor or simply love riding your bike, we can help! Give the clinic a call to book in your Bike Fit with Rachel.




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