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Our Services

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that evaluates and improves movement and function of the body when threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. At Windsor St Physiotherapy we have a fantastic team of physiotherapists and offer a number of different specialty services. These are summarised below:


All treatments start with an assessment. This usually consists of a 40 minute session where we take a thorough history and examination. From this we can find out how this problem affects your life and establish a therapy plan to help achieve your goals. At the end of the assessment, you should have a good understanding of your problem, what treatments will benefit you, how many sessions you may need and the costs involved.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy involves joint mobilisation/manipulation and a number of massage techniques for joints and muscles. This can help to restore normal motion to a dysfunctional area.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy involves the use of specific movement which you will be trained to do which aim to strengthen, stabilise, balance, mobilise, and improve your ability to function. Exercise programmes are tailored to your lifestyle needs. We also hold contracts with ACC to supply exercise and activity focused programmes. At Windsor St Physiotherapy we have a full rehabilitation gym and can also utilise the local pool for hydrotherapy.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine which can help in many ways to provide pain relief and healing. There are a number of physiotherapists trained in the use of acupuncture and related needling techniques working at Windsor St Physiotherapy.

Hand Therapy

Neil Familton is a very experienced and qualified hand therapist. Neil holds a contract with ACC which enables him to supply hand therapy services including aides and supports to many injuries to the arm and hand. In 2016 Craig McColl joined the Hand Therapy Team as an Associate.

Aides, Strapping, Formthotics & Supports

These are sometimes required to help an injured site maintain stability, encourage balance, improve biomechanical efficiency, control swelling and protect an injury. We can advise you what could benefit you, help fit the device, order and sell you specific aides for your injury.


The physiotherapist can educate you about the injury or problem that you have so you are better able to manage it. Your lifestyle may need some adaptation to enable the problem to settle. Your physiotherapist can help you to understand what things are likely to aggravate your problem, and what can optimise the healing environment.

Sports Physiotherapy

At Windsor St Physiotherapy we have a number of Post Graduate trained Sports Physiotherapists. Additionally, our team all participate in various sporting endeavours. We can help in advising for your sporting preparation and have facilities and software for analysing gait and running mechanics.

Work Site Assessments / Stay At Work Programmes

We have therapists trained in occupational health who can come to your work place and assess your physical tasks and tailor a return to work programme when required. They can develop a system with you and your employer to enable you to work safely.


The physiotherapist can guide you through your post operative rehabilitation with an individual programme that best suits your needs. All musculoskeletal surgery conditions can be managed including total hip and knee replacements, spinal, shoulder and knee surgery. Windsor St Physiotherapy has provided postop physiotherapy to Southern Cross for the past 25 years.

Physiotherapy to Resthomes

Bupa Ascot.jpg
Windsor St Physiotherapy is contracted to Rowena Jackson and Bupa at Ascot Park, Invercargill and Longwood Lifestyle Village Resthome at Riverton to provide physiotherapy services.