Nelson joined the Windsor Physio team in 2022 and is one of our most popular employees. He’s the most diligent and conscientious member of the team and is regularly named Employee of the Month.

He takes his role extremely seriously, spending his day attending meetings, engaging with patients while receiving pats, as well as spending longer than he should sniffing out food.

Nelson is a solemn dog who has perfected the art of power napping, which some might describe as “sleeping on the job”, however Nelson would dispute this.

He is also an enthusiastic member of a local walking group, meeting regularly with like-minded labs to explore Southland trails. He is a quiet leader of this group, ensuring everyone is behaving appropriately under his watchful eye.

After working a busy shift at the clinic, Nelson heads home with Neil and Trish to keep an eye on them and to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

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